K T Bodyguard of Worcestershire


The Province of Worcestershire was constituted in 1857 under the Constitution of England and Wales and its Provinces Overseas.

There are 16 Preceptories within the Province including, the Worcestershire Preceptory for Past and Eminent Preceptors and the Varangian Preceptory stationed at Worcester, which is open only to acting or past Worcestershire Provincial Bodyguard Members.

Each Preceptory is represented on the Bodyguard at the discretion of the Provincial Prior and Marshall. The esprit de corps of the Guards bonds lifetime friendships and when the time to leave arrives, although sad, the camaraderie continues.

The Provincial Prior's Bodyguard remit is to escort and support the Provincial Prior and Officers to all Preceptories and Provincial functions and visits, be they at home or away (Please see Visits to France), to provide instruction in sword drill to all new members into the Order and to generally help out at any of the meetings.

The Province celebrated its 150th Anniversary in 2007 at Malvern with the Supreme Grand Master in attendance. A history, up to that date was collated and published by the VE Kt RGH Goddard, 1st GtCon. Please see "History of the Province".