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Sat, 16th December 2017

David & Debra's Wedding

The Bride & Groom in all their Glory

Bride & Groom.jpg

The Arch of Steel to see them on their way

AoS in Action.jpg

Their Bodyguard

Bodyguard Support Group 2.jpg

The Bodyguard's Commanders!!

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Fri, 7th July 2017

Bro Kt Grahame Smith's PPBG visit to Malta


Visit to the Great Siege Fort

During the summer, I visited the island of Malta and took the opportunity to go to Fort St Elmo, the site of the Great Siege of Malta.

The Fort is situated at the entrance of the Grand Harbour, on the seaward end of what is now the city of Valletta. It was here, in 1565, that a small garrison of around 150 Knights of Malta, aided by some 600 local soldiers and mercenaries, held off a vastly superior force of invading troops from the Ottoman Empire. Although the Fort was eventually destroyed and overrun, its defence took pressure off the other Forts and provided the precious time for a relief army to be sent from the island of Sicily.  

Today the Fort houses a very interesting series of museums, which tell the history of Malta from ancient to more recent times. Highlights include a splendid exhibition of armour and weapons as used by both the Knights and the Ottoman troops from the time of the siege. It is also possible to visit the small Chapel of St. Anne, in the Fort - the famous site where the last few remaining Knights had made their last stand.

The museum also includes exhibits from Napoleonic times, items from WW1 and the Second World War, including the George Cross awarded to the island.

For anyone interested in the history of the Knights of Malta, I can recommend going to the Fort and the museum. More details about the Fort can be found on the internet, together with information about visiting times etc.

Bro Knight (and Guard Member) Graham Smith


Fort St. Elmo.JPG

Fort St Elmo

Graham at the Chapel of St Anne.JPG

Chapel of St Anne

Display of armour.JPG

Display of Armour

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Sat, 3rd June 2017

Presentation Team in Swansea with The Grand Objective

Presentation team at Swansea 1.JPG

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Tue, 25th April 2017

"The Sanctuary" premiere

The presentation team of The Varangian preceptory No 585 after the premiere of the "Sanctuary"

Sanctuary Premiere 2.JPG

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Sat, 22nd April 2017

Bodyguard Annual Skittles Match

The annual Bodyguard skittles match which our Dep Cmd Simon and his lady Trudie won in style. The picture shows a relieved Julian passing on the trophy. Well done Simon and Trudie


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