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Sat, 1st June 2019

Varangian Priory present "Sanctuary" at Swansea


Very early on Saturday June 1st a number of Knights from the Varangian Preceptory including our Provincial Prior RE Kt Eric Bourne (shown below) set off for Swansea to present their Historial presentation of the Malta Order to the Owain Glyndwr Preceptory No 547 (Installed Preceptors Preceptory) which was carried out in front of both The Most Eminent & Supreme Grand Master Paul Raymond Clement GCT and their Provincial Prior RE Kt Paul Calderwood and many other distinguished knights.

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A letter of thanks from the Provincial Prior of Monmouth & South Wales

Dear Rt Em Kt Eric

To formalise the effusive comments which I made today, I should like to thank you - in writing - very much indeed for permitting the members of your Bodyguard Preceptory to come to Swansea and stage a presentation of Sanctuary today.

The members of the Province of Monmouth and South Wales were deeply impressed by the presentation and we all learned a great deal from it. Masonic research is something that I have a deep interest in, as you know, and I was immediately impressed by the depth of the research, the clarity of the writing, the dramatic presentation and the sheer commitment of time that went into this very special occasion - one that was so professionally delivered. It was a truly memorable experience.

The team was a great credit to the Province of Worcestershire and one of which you must feel rightly proud.

Would you please pass on to the team the thanks of the knights of Monmouth and South Wales who warmly appreciated the time and effort that everyone put into this exercise in mutual support and advancement in knowledge.

Yours in the Bonds of the Order


R. E. Kt. Dr Paul Richard Calderwood

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Tue, 23rd April 2019

Lancashire Knights visit Varangian Priory No 585

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Some time ago Eminent Knight Chris Sage Eminent Preceptor of the Plains of Mamre Preceptory No. 8 and Deputy Commander of the Provincial Priors Bodyguard was talking to Eminent Knight Ken Hingley a Worcestershire Knight who told him of a meeting that he might be interested in attending. Varangian Preceptory were to hold its annual Priory Installation meeting followed by a presentation by the Worcestershire Provincial  Priors Bodyguard called “Sanctuary” a presentation in dramatic form of the history of the Hospitallers and Knights of Malta at the Worcester Masonic Centre Rainbow Hill Worcester.

After a short discussion Eminent Knight Sage and Eminent Knight Ernie Gavan eagerly availed themselves of the opportunity of travelling again to a distant land and set off from their homes on the Fylde Coast to Worcester. The journey was quite uneventful, thankfully, and late in the afternoon they arrived at the Masonic Centre. They were welcomed by their host E.Kt. Hingley and a senior member of the Province gave a quick insight of the different Lodges, Chapters and other Orders that occupy the Centre. They were ushered to an ante room where they put on their Malta regalia and took seats in the Temple.

At 5.45pm.the Eminent Prior opened the Priory and after the domestic and administrative items were concluded Installed Eminent Knight Michael John Bartels Past Great Herald, Provincial Vice-Chancellor as Eminent Prior. The Eminent Prior appointed and invested the Officers for the ensuing year, and after completing the other items on the agenda closed the Priory.

Following the closure of the Priory the room was prepared for the presentation of “Sanctuary”. For obvious reason the presentations can’t be related in detail here but essentially it explained the origins of the “Master” and Officers of the Order. The leader of the team was a member of a local amateur dramatic society and what a performance he gave. At the conclusion of the presentation they repaired to the bar to enjoy an aperitif before being called to the dining room where they partook of a delicious three course dinner. The toasts and responses were well received including the toast to the visitors to which E.Kt. Sage suitably responded. The evenings proceeding over they bid farewell to their host and made for the car park for the return journey.

Their slip road to the M5 motorway was having night time repairs and closed unfamiliar with the locale the satnav directed us to the next junction, home and dry you’d think alas how wrong can one be a few miles North of Birmingham the M6 was closed completely between two junctions causing mayhem. After several miles through the outskirts of the suburbs of the city they eventually joined the motorway. With no more problems they arrived home around 2.00 am notwithstanding the road ups a very enjoyable night of Knights Templar Masonry and a daily advancement in Masonic knowledge. 

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