K T Bodyguard of Worcestershire


We are very grateful to the following Founding Website Bodyguard Members who through their generosity and support in March 2011 have made this KT Bodyguard of Worcestershire website possible;

E Kt Phil Martin Preceptory of St Stephen No 531 Commander
E Kt Keith Evans Simon de Montfort Preceptory No 414 Dep Commander
Kt David Bell Richard de Vernon Preceptory No 52  
Kt Peter Ibbotson Preceptory of St Amand No 68  
Kt Adrian Davis Preceptory of St Amand No 68  
Kt Martin Preece Richard Coeur de Lion Preceptory No 212        
Kt Geoff Watkins St Mary & All Saints Preceptory No 367  
Kt Doug Aston St John the Baptist No 396  
Kt Mike Dykes Simon de Montfort Preceptory No 414  
Kt Gavin Morrice Bernard de Frankley Preceptory No 421  
Kt David Evans Preceptory of King John No 519  
Kt Robert Fernyhough       Preceptory of St Stephen No 531  

We would also like to extend our thanks to:

Kt David Morgan for the Bodyguard Prayers
June 6th 2011 
I wish to thank all the members of the Provincial Priors Bodyguard for the Presentation made to me on my Retirement. The Replica Knight Templar helmet will be a reminder of a very happy period in my Masonic Career and, of the friendship, camaraderie and happy times that I have experienced with you all during that period. Thank you all for your support to me during my tenure of Office which has contributed so much to my enjoyment. I wish you every success in the future.
Sincerely in the Bonds of the Order,
Graham Perkins P Prov Prior