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The Templar Trail - Memoirs of Graham Smith (Richard de Vernon Preceptory No 052

Knights Templar History Trip

I have recently returned from a motorhome trip around France and thought I should pass on details of our interesting discovery related to Knights Templar history.

If you and are travelling in south east France, you should, as we did, take the Templar Trail. Situated just south of Millau in the Midi-Pyrenees, following the signed short route we managed to visit the three (of the five) Templar castles of La Cavalerie, La Couvertoirade and Ste-Eulalie de Cernon (from where the first crusade commenced).

Each has its own charm, but the best preserved, easily accessible and well worth a visit is the 12c castle of La Couvertoirade. Within the castle walls, some of the small houses are now occupied by artisans and craft workers - you can even purchase KT memorabilia from one of the craft shops. There is also a small church. A few euros are charged for parking nearby, but castle entry is free and there is a good café offering meals and cool drinks.

We also discovered that, after the dissolution of the Knight Templar, these sites were taken over by the Knights of St John of Jerusalem. For more information you can go to www.conservatoire-larzac.fr

Bro Knight (and guard member) Graham Smith




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